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ImageFOUNDER and adviser of the Malaysian Federation of Lasallian Associations (MFOLSA), 89-year-old Bro Louis John Michael Jacques was the first Bro Visitor for the La Salle Schools in Asia. Although he has retired from teaching, Sarawak-born Jacques, also known as Bro. Theodoret Michael, is an adviser to MFOLSA and on education matters of Christian schools.

As a young La Salle Brother, he served in the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in various capacities from 1938 until his retirement in 1986.  

He was appointed assistant Superior General for Asia (1966-1976), the first Asian in this position responsible for the Brothers’ Communities and schools in the region. 

Bro Jacques built several schools in the region, among them the St Xavier’s Branch school in Penang, La Salle Ayer Itam, La Salle Junior Training Centre in Ipoh, Assumption School Extension in Butterworth and St George’s Balik Pulau. 

“I have been with the Brothers since 1933 when I was just 19 years old. Teaching has always been my passion. My first chance came in 1938 in Penang,” said Bro Jacques. 

He had even volunteered to teach in schools during the Japanese Occupation where they were forced to teach in the Japanese language. 

“We did not know the language ourselves but learnt along the way when teaching the children,” added Jacques, who retired at 64. 

“The MFOLSA, formed 22 years ago, is an umbrella body for all the alumni associations for the Christian Brothers’ Schools in Malaysia and supports all Lasallian activities and programmes,” he said.

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