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The e-Lasallian Network was established in 1998 by an Old Boy of a Lasallian School in Penang to live his dream of seeing former students of the Brothers' Schools in Malaysia come together and act in unison as members of the large Lasallian Family to preserve  the  155-year  Lasallian  heritage for posterity.
Thus, the Network's main  focus  is to enhance fellowship  and strengthen the Lasallian Bond across the board.  It also aims to establish links with fellow La Sallians in other parts of the world, the PARC region in particular, by providing a trans-border platform for all La Sallians to interact with one another. The Network's initial membership of 50 has since grown substantially over the years and it has a good mix of Brothers, Lasallian alumni, teachers of Lasallian schools, La Salle associates and well-wishers.
If you chance to come upon our website while searching for a Lasallian connection, please join us in fellowship particularly if you are from a Lasallian school in another part of the world from ours. We like you to know what's happening in  our Lasallian world just as much as we like to know what's happening in yours. Hopefully, the website will serve as a bridge to link members of the diversified and global Lasallian Family.
The site offers  members an opportunity to express, exchange or respond to views on a wide range of topics posted by fellow-LaSallians. A Business Platform will soon be launched to provide an avenue for all who are interested in making business/professional contacts with fellow-LaSallians in areas such as offered skills, services, products or job opportunities. Business Directory listing is free to registered members on request.
It is our aim to make the website interesting and highly interactive. Achieving this depends very much on our members' / readers' support and participation. Members and readers are encouraged to contribute interesting articles; news and happenings within their alma mater, alumni associations and shared-mission organizations; or they may want to share reminiscence of their good old school days; or maybe, citing an interesting episode or two of their life experiences. A lot more articles are open to logged-in members. Membership is open to all Lasallian students (past or present), teachers from the Brothers' Schools and La Salle associates from all parts of the world. To join as members, just complete the membership form. (Click Here)
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