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The future of La Sallian heritage in Malaysia Print E-mail

ImageWhat'll become of La Salle Heritage in 25 years' time? 

In response to the posted topic in the Message Board: Will Lasalle heritage survive in 25 years’ time?, a fair number of replies were received. The general opinions expressed can be summarized thus:

1. Unlikely. Unless more is done than said and La Sallians walk their talks !!!

2. If the La Salle heritage does not survive, it will be a loss for Malaysia as a nation-state.

3. Maybe some of the mission schools can be turned into private schools as has been done in New Zealand whereby these private students pay a premium fee.

4. The La Salle Brothers must provide the lead in preserving the heritage. They have played a very distinguished role in the past. What about the future?

The responses received are highly relevant and thought- provoking. There are fresh postings. You can only access them at the Message Board as the topic is "intra-Lasallian".

In general, La Sallians are strongly in favour of promoting and preserving the 157-year old La Sallian Heritage for posterity in this country. This explains the many official Lasallian setups and the good number of  dedicated  individuals spending much of their time and energy in contributing to the achievement of this very objective. We would like to hear your views/ideas as to how best this can be done by emailing them to:

Also, please take a moment to participate in the "Poll" located on the left panel of the page if you have not already done so. Your view is important to the Cause. The first poll result as at September, 2006 is as follows:

It will just fade away : *50.0%

It will remain as strong : *41.3%

Not sure : *8.7%

* Result updated at 11.30 am on 9 September, 2006


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