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ImagePARC News by Bro. David Hawke FSC

The latest PARC News as reported by Bro. David Hawke, General Councillor and Regional Co-Ordinator for Asia-Pacific Region.

Easter greetings to each of you.

AIDAN KILTY: Aidan departs Singapore for Great Britain on 4 April. His recent work in several sectors of PARC has provided people the opportunity to express appreciation to him for his work as Director of Formation for the Region. As we know Aidan’s vast experience in the international Institute has been an asset in PARC these past couple of years. His work has laid an excellent foundation on which to continue building collaborative ventures in formation and other areas across the Region. I am sure that you all join me in thanking him and wish him well and God’s blessings as he takes up his appointment as Visitor of the District of Great Britain/Malta.

WELCOME: Br Francisco Lopez, Econome General and Br Pedro Arrambide,  Solidarity and Development, will be visiting the Districts of Australian, NZ and PNG and Penang in early April. I will meet with them in Kuala Lumpur.

PRIME MINISTER PAKISTAN: Br Zafar, Principal of La Salle Higher Secondary School contacted me to say that Mr Yosuf Raza Gillani, the newly appointed Prime Minster of Pakistan is a former student of Multan.

LA SALLE NOVITIATE LIPA: At this stage, first year novices expected at Lipa in May, include four from Pakistan, two from Thailand and one from the Philippines. Do keep the intentions of these candidates in your prayer.

APPOINTMENT MANADO: Fr Revi Tanod, has been appointed Rector of Unika De La Salle Katolik Universitas Manado. Fr Revi is a graduate of DLSU, Manila. In due course the Panel of Review will meet with Fr Revi and
other representatives of the University to plan ongoing collaborative involvement with the De La Salle Brothers.

THAILAND: I have just returned from the Delegation of Thailand retreat and Delegation Council meeting. Five Brotthers in temporary vows renewed their commitment during Mass on Easter Sunday morning. The PARC Think Tank convened at Bagna after Easter and has prepared a scheme to present to DLSU for a scope and design of a situational analysis instrument. Thanks to Br Francis, President and the Brothers of the Delegation for their hospitality.

PAKISTAN: Aidan Kilty returned recently from Pakistan where he conducted a retreat for five postulants, four of whom are applying for the novitiate. I join Brothers Tom Johnson and Jorge Gallardo de Alba for a pastoral visit to Pakistan, commencing on 12 April. We continue on to Colombo afterwards. Br Henry, Visitor will be visiting Pakistan from 28 March.

All who attended the combined meeting of the Councils of the Philippines, Penang, Thailand and representatives of Myanmar hailed same as a resounding success with a firm commitment on a pathway to the formation of a new District in PARC. The Alliance Council at its meeting on 7 April will take up eight priorities formulated during the meeting. Thanks to Br Edmundo, Visitor, Br Vic Franco, President of the CSB and all who hosted and facilitated the meeting. Br JJ from Greenhills has prepared a prayer service which will officially launch the Alliance Council on the feast of the Founder. Br Superior has sent a message on DVD. This will be sent to the various sectors by courier on 31 March.

CIRCULAR 456: The Circular outlining the programme of Br Superior and the General Council over the next seven years is due out any day now.

PARC LASALLIAN INSTITUTE: Aidan has sent you documentation. Let’s see a very good representation from across PARC at this inaugural programme. Remember that it is vital that Lasallian Partners/ Associates are included. Br JJ a member of the Lasallian Services Committee will coordinate the programme. However this will eventually from part of the mandate of the PARC Director of Lasallian Services.

PARC 32: I give you advanced warning that District/ Delegation Bursars and Development Directors will be invited to the first two days of PARC 32. Br Francisco Lopez, Br Pedro Arrambide and Br Stephen Tuohy and possibly Br Amilcare swill be present from Rome to facilitate the meeting. I will have more details after May/June meetings in Rome. The venue will be the Redemptorist Centre in Pattaya.

SCHEDULE 4-6 April, India; 7 April Alliance Council, Kuala Lumpur, 10 April, Kuala Lumpur; 12-21 April, Pakistan, 22 April-5 May, Colombo.
I am currently in the process of rearranging my schedule for 2008 and will contact people accordingly.

PERSONAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I appreciate the prayers offered for my Mother during her illness and recent death. My family found the many messages of condolence from throughout PARC most supportive.

Kind regards
David Hawke FSC


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