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We received news from Bro. David Hawke, General Councillor for PARC Region announcing the appointment of a Director of Lasallian Services for the PARC Region.

I am happy to announce, that after a search and consultation process in PARC, that Br Mark Murphy is appointed Director of Lasallian Services for the PARC Region.

All are aware of Br Mark’s extensive experience in his own District of San Francisco, including a period as Visitor and throughout the PARC Region where he has held the positions of Delegate to India and Administrative Assistant in the District of Colombo and currently in the Sub-District of Myanmar. He has been in demand throughout the Region to conduct retreats, seminars, workshops and offer consultation on pastoral and administrative matters.

As discussed at PARC 31, a detailed Job Description will be determined after Br Mark attends a series of meetings in the PARC office next week. There will need to be a time of transition before he takes up the appointment full-time and resides in Singapore. I am delighted with Mark’s availability and ongoing commitment to the development of the PARC Region. Likewise I appreciate that Br Stanislaus Campbell, Visitor of the District of San Francisco is supportive of Mark’s ongoing involvement in PARC.

I am currently involved in discussions with Br Superior, Br Visitor of the District of the Philippines and the Br Auxiliary Visitor of the Sub-District of Myanmar on the expressed desirability of having an Administrative Assistant appointed in Myanmar.

Bro. David Hawke


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