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ImageThe Nargis cyclone hit our neighbour, Myanmar with great fury resulting in more than 23,000 deaths, over 40,000 missing and 1.5 millions made homeless. The toll figures could climb much higher if badly needed medical aid, water and food supply do not arrive quickly. It is a time  like this that we should be more mindful of our fellow LaSallians’ sufferings and offer prayers for theirs and their families’ well being. The La Salle Provincialate in Myanmar is not spared the fury of Nargis albeit in a milder form. An email from Bro. Allan Buenavista received through the La Salle Communication Department, Rome is reproduced herewith for your reading.

Image"I have never experienced a typhoon as strong as Nargis.  There is hardly any tree left standing within the compound after the Cyclone struck Lower Burma.

At the moment, we are still without electricity, water and telephone.  I think it will take at least a month to have the power restored. We are gradually cleaning up the grounds of the Provincialate.  There are a lot of tree branches that need to be cut.  The boarders are kind enough to help us clear the ground.  They work four hours a day.  As to the water, we are lucky to have a well behind the house.  That is where we get water for cooking and washing. We do still have clean water for drinking.

A lot of the roof of the Provincialate house was blown away at the height of the cyclone.  We were able to retrieve pieces after the storm.  There is still a portion of the house without roof. When it rains, water flows straight to the office. Repair will commence next week.  The bungalow on the other hand got some damages too. A huge branch fell into the roof above my room, tearing the tiles apart.  Water came into my room.  I was trying to move my things around but it still got wet.  I am still using a room without a roof now.  A little rain and my room is wet again. (Maybe the roof will be repaired two weeks from now). When there is rain, I sleep in the guest room.  At least that side has only a little leak. I was told by Lawrence that they might be able to spend 5,000 dollars to 8,000 dollars to repair the houses. 

Prices of commodities have skyrocketed also.  Bus fare used to be a 100 kyat fare from the center to the house has gone to 500 kyats last Monday!  At least now, it is just 200 kyats.  But it is still expensive. A lot of the big malls are still closed.  The owners are afraid of looting.  In some areas affected by the Cyclone, fights have erupted already. 

Thanks for your prayers.  I know you have been praying for us here.  With your prayers for us and the people of Myanmar, I guess life will still be bearable, especially for those who have lost their loved ones.

May God bless us in all our endeavors."

In St. La Salle,

Brother Allan FSC

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