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Brothers, greetings from the Casa Generalizia where the plenary meetings of the General Council are well nigh over and we head away Friday afternoon as a Council for our Annual Retreat in Peruggia.

MEETINGS OF THE GENERAL COUNCIL:  During its meetings this month the Council worked on the Circular of Convocation on the Revision of the Rule (Circular 457) in accordance with the directives of the 44th General Chapter, met with Br Jorge Fonseca the new Coordinating Secretary for The Lasallian Educational Mission, met with Br Charles Kitson the new Coordinating Secretary for The Lasallian Family and Association, met with Br Mario Prescuttini Coordinating Secretary of Lasallian Research and Resources, met with  Br John Cantwell Coordinating Secretary of Being Brothers Today, met with Br Francisco Lopez Econome General, Br Stephen Tuohy of SECOLI, Br Lorenzo Secretary General and the entire International Council of Young Lasallians. Each secretary reports on how their respective Secretariat is implementing the goals and objectives outlined in Circular 456. The five General Councillors for the Regions had a joint meeting as did the General Councilors residing in Rome. In the evenings there have been meetings and fraternal conviviality with the various linguistic groups in the Central Community. We also had a meeting and lunch with lay people who work in the Casa. A joint meeting was held between our General Council and the General Council of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.
OLD BOYS OF BROTHERS’ SCHOOLS IN BURMA: During this week sixty Old Boys and their wives and friends met for their first ever international gathering here at the Casa Generalizia. Most of them now reside in England, Italy, Canada, USA and Australia. However it was good to meet some who live in Myanmar. Br Lawrence Goh, Auxiliary Visitor represented the Brothers from Myanmar. Two other Brothers were to come but passport and visa difficulties prevented their attendance. I was impressed by the utmost loyalty to and love for the Brothers expressed by the delegates.

SIEL PROGRAMME 2009-2010: This is an advanced notice; that in accordance with Line of Action 2.3.4 of “Association for the Educational Service of the Poor” (Circ 455) there will be a SIEL session for Brothers and lay people from 19 October 2009 to 19th March 2010. To facilitate the participation of lay Lasallians, the programme is divided into “modules” of 4 to 5 weeks each. An official university recognition will facilitate participation in the programme. More details will be sent out in due course. The programme is a joint venture between the two Secretariats; “Lasallian Research and Resources and Being Brothers Today and the staff of CIL. Give some thought to whom you may send from your sector for all or part of the programme.

PARC 32:  A reminder that Sector Bursars and Development Directors are invited to the first two days (2/3 March 2009). Br Francisco Lopez and the staff of the Solidarity and Development Secretariat and SECOLI will facilitate the days. The last meeting of PARC Bursars with the Econome General was held in 1996!

DISTRICT REPORTS 2008: I have written responses to each of the District Reports 2008 submitted to Br Superior and have notified those sectors yet to fulfill the requirement. I have translators working on the Vietnam report. Thanks to all who responded to Br Superior’s request for a report on specific issues arising for the International Assembly on the Lasallian Educational Mission and the 44th General Chapter. I have made available to you the synthesis of the reports prepared by Br Lorenzo, Secretary General. (emailed 16 September)

BR JOSEPH FERNANDO’S REPORTS: Br Joseph has provided written reports to all heads of the sectors he visited in PARC. These reports are received also by the Br Superior and Council. His reports are very concise and include recommendations. I urge that Formation Commissions and Councils give these reports priority attention. Joseph will report also at PARC 32. He is about to embark on his first visit to the Lwanga District in Africa.

INTERCOM: A preview of the October edition of INTERCOM reveals a new look in presentation. Please remind your communications’ people of the following deadlines for submitting copy: Send no later than the last day of August for publication in October; November for publication in January; February for publication in April; May for publication in July. Articles are to be sent directly to Br Jose Antonio Warletta on  

MISSION TO CHINA: Br Superior continues to encourage PARC to pursue further possibilities for developing the Institute’s mission in China. You are aware of the pioneering work of Br David Liao (District of Penang) in the country. Currently we are arranging to meet the Auxiliary Bishop of Hong Kong to seek advice on progressing the issue. Brothers Tom Lavin and Pat Tierney will attend the meeting with me. A report will be given at PARC 32.

DID YOU KNOW THAT….In the context of a discussion among the five General Councillors for the Regions on Aging Districts, Br Jacques D’Huiteau, General Councillor for RELEM mentioned that fifty Brothers each year die in the District of France.

REGISTRATION REMINDERS: Has your sector registered its Delegates for APLEC in Hong Kong in December (2008) and the Youth Coordinators’ Workshop in Ipoh (Malaysia) in January (2009)? Let’s see if we can have all sectors in PARC well represented.

EMAIL CONTACT: I will not be accessing email during the retreat period.

DAVID’S SCHEDULE:  28 Sept- 5 October, District Chapter, Australia; 6 October, Brothers/Alumni Foundation meeting, Bangkok; 7 October, National Mission Council, Manila; 9-15 October, Delegation Council, Pakistan; 17-19 October, Final Vows and Brothers under 40 meeting, India; 23-28 October, District Chapter, Colombo. After that a week’s break!

Best wishes and prayers.

Bro. David Hawke FSC

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