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ImageBro. Paul Ho fsc of the St. Xavier's Institution, Penang will be retiring this month (June, 2009). He is the last Brother-Principal in a  La Sallian School since the days Lasallian education was brought to the shores of this country in 1852.

He was asked in a video interview for his thoughts on the following controversial subjects:
                a) The teaching of Science and Mathematics in English  and
                b) Religious tolerance in the country

Please log on to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poV4BqNiT2s
I acknowledge Bro. Paul's views which are frank and explicit. He never minced his words.
As a La Sallian,  I am greatly saddened by the fact a wholesome education system that contributed so much to the development of the nation over the last 157 years is now totally dismantled and no concrete effort has been realized  so far by the establishments charged with the responsibility of promoting and preserving our Lasallian Heritage.
What seems to have gone astray?

Just like Bro. Paul, the alumni should not mince their words on this issue and especially at this crucial period when our heritage can be likened to a flickering candle in the wind that may, at any time be snuffed out               
La Salle is synonymous with wholesome education. Setting up a private Lasallian School is an ideal way of passing on the Heritage to posterity. It is also a project that we, La Sallians can relate to. Over the years many alumni have  expressed their regrets that this is not done. Somehow, this wake-up call seems to have fallen on deaf ears

What are your points of view? Please send them to

Ng Soon Hong

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