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Lasallian Education A Cut Above
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Why Is Lasallian Education So Special?
In a nutshell, Lasallian education offers more than quality education. “Students are imbued with moral and ethical values,” says Professor Dr Tarcisius Chin, a well known academician who is a product of La Salle himself. “In the present day scenario, a graduate is only knowledgeable about a narrow field of study. Thus, many are removed from what is happening in the world  and ignorant of the key concerns of society.  Worse, many young graduates, fuelled by the academic race imposed by ambitious parents, competitive universities and demanding society, have obtained their qualifications without corresponding development of social and spiritual competencies, quite unlike the graduates in the old days when he/she has a good mind, a good grasp of contemporary affairs, good social skills and positive values of hard work, thrift, integrity, dependability and trust. Unfortunately, most graduates in the present days seem to be lacking in many of these human attributes as evident by the scandals that rocked corporate America and many countries of the world.....and Lasallian education fills this void in human education. This has been the hallmark of Lasallian education for over 300 years worldwide. It is a fact that most large colleges take pride in producing hundreds, or even thousands of graduates each academic year, reminiscent of the mass assembly line manufacturing processes. And the educational process is one long series of lectures followed by assignments and examinations until you accumulate sufficient number of modules to qualify for the degree.  

In Lasallian institutions, the De La Salle Brothers and teachers take upon themselves the role as holistic educators of the ‘full person’. They want to see their charges carry away something more than just academic success when they graduated; that they are imbibed with human qualities as men and women possessed of a strong sense of community and brotherhood, and committed to a deep sense of duty and responsibility, aimed at service for society and nation."

Lasallian Higher Education is provided by Lasallian universities in various parts of the world, particularly in the United States and the Philippines where they rank among the tops in the country.  In line with their mission of serving the deprived, most of them provide substantial financial aids to help needy students to get through their courses.

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