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Lasallian Education A Cut Above
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The Future of Lasallian Heritage in Malaysia
In true Lasallian Spirit, the Brothers and the alumni in Malaysia have jointly set up various joint-mission projects, one of which is the La Salle Foundation officially known as Yayasan De La Salle. The Foundation was launched in Kuala Lumpur on 7 December, 2001.
Yayasan De La Salle is managed by a twelve-man Council headed by the Brother Visitor. Its functions are mainly :

1. To receive and administer funds for educational, scientific and charitable purposes, all for the public welfare;

2. To implement programmes for the benefit of young Malaysians irrespective of race, religion and creed, among which are: a) To advance the educational welfare of needy and deserving students; b) To provide assistance, financial or otherwise, to students for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate studies.

It obtained a tax-exempt status as from 1st February, 2005 meaning that donations to the Foundation are free of income tax.

Lasallian education in this country has come round full circle after 154 years. With all the Brothers' Schools taken over for use by the government and the number of Brothers in the teaching profession dwindling to less than a handful, will this spell the end of the Lasallian era in this country? Hardly so! With the large number of Lasallian alumni and associations working hard to preserve the heritage through joint-mission efforts, we believe it will remain strong in the decades to come. However, the alumni must open their hearts and minds and come together as La Sallians first without diminishing the natural love they have for their respective alma maters. And when more is done than said, the journey with a dream will, undoubtedly result in fruitful fullfilment.

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