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ImageRead the latest updates on two great Brother: Bro. Michael Jacques FSC and Bro. Peter Phelan, Sabah Bro. Datuk Dr. Michael Jacques FSC


ImageBro. Datuk Dr. Michael Jacques whom La Sallians know well is currently warded at the Assunta Hospital, Petaling Jaya.


Upon our return from the Chinese New Year trip to our hometown, my wife and I visited Bro. Michael at the La Salle Provincialate on Wednesday, 24th February following an appointment made a day earlier. It was unusual that he was not there when we arrived. After some waiting and ringing of the door bell, we decided to call him on his mobile but the call went unanswered. Minutes later, he returned the call saying he was at the Assunta Hospital for a check-up as he had earlier vomited. But little did we know then that he was being admitted for suspected dengue fever. Through Bro. Andrew Loke, we learned that he later suffered a stroke on Sunday.


We visited him yesterday (2 March) and Bro. Lucian Ng was there too with us to pray for him. The good Brother was semi-conscious, unable to speak though we knew he was aware of our presence as he squeezed our hands when we spoke to him. According to the nursing sister, he would be transferred to the normal later as his other conditions were stabilizing. He is now in a normal ward … so the good Brother’s conditions must have improved.


We ask all La Sallians and friends who are now reading this article to pray for him that through God’s grace, he will overcome this predicament.


Bro. Peter Phelan FSC


ImageWe received a piece of sad news from Julian Wong (La Salle Kota Kinabalu) that Brother Peter Phelan who established and managed the La Salle Asrama Butitin (hostel for underprivileged rural boys and girls) in Nabawan, a small town in the Interior of Sabah had passed on after losing his fight with skin cancer for many years.


ImageMay God bless his soul and we extend our sympathy and condolence to the La Salle Brothers for the loss of dear Bro. Peter Phelan. With the good Brother’s passing, we now only have Brother Datuk Charles O’Leary with us in Sabah.
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