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ImageJust how much does an average La Sallian know of La Salle legacy in Malaysia? Which is the oldest Mission school in the whole of Asia? What are the prolific years of expansion and when is the period of diminishing influence of Mission/Lasallian schools in Malaysia?

In a recent interview with BFM Radio, Brother Anthony Rogers (Director of La Salle, Malaysia) gave the answers to all these questions and more. He presented a concise, good account of the Lasallian legacy in Malaysia since 1852, the year the Brothers landed in Penang. He spoke of the ethos and objectives of Lasallian schools and the changes they underwent over the 160 years of its history:

1. The Colonial Era when Mission schools were under the patronage
    of the colonial government.

2. The Post Independent Era from 1957 to 1969.

3. The Modern Era when the government implemented the National
    Education Policy which dictated that all schools must come under
    the control of the Ministry of Education.

4. The Present Conscioused Era when the government is felt to begin
    to appreciate the values of the Mission schools.

We have transformed the interview voice track into an A-V presentation which comes in two parts. The links are:

Part 1
http://youtu.be/2BaDr5cKbeE  (9 minutes 9 seconds)
Part 2
http://youtu.be/LVUVRm2J_5g  (10 minutes 15 seconds)

Please feel free to pass it on to fellow-LaSallians for their viewing.

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Bro. Anthony Rogers FSC
BFM Radio
St. Xavier’s Institution, Penang
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