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ImageBrother Charles Levin is on course to complete the Memorial Walls project that will put in permanence, symbols of the the 160-year La Salle Institution in Malaysia that cannot be removed at will. The memorial walls are appropriately sited at the St. Xavier's Institution, Penang, the first Brothers' school in the land. By this project the La Salle history in the country is etched and preserved for posterity, an important aspect now that the management of Lasallian schools lie solely in the hands of lay people.

This is a meaningful project that synergizes with the aspiration of the alumni to preserve the rich Lasallian legacy for the future generations. The estimate cost is around RM60,000. Brother Charles' first appeal for contributions was published at the end of December last year when many of us, alumni were caught up with year-end vacations as well as festivities celebrating Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year. As a result, donations were slow in coming. It is appropriate time now to remind fellow-La Sallians (Xaverians in particular) of their need to respond to the good Brother's second appeal which is reproduced for your reading.


Not so long ago I wrote an appeal letter for various websites in Penang and Kuala Lumpur, regarding our preparations for the forthcoming celebrations of our 160th anniversary and the restructuring of our South-East Asian Lasallian province which earlier had its headquarters  in Kuala Lumpur(La Salle Provincialate) which now has its headquarters in Hong Kong.  The first meeting of the seven countries (called a Chapter Meeting) will take place in Penang at the end of March where all the chapter delegates will gather.  The culmination of this gathering will have its climax in SXI beginning with a morning assembly to which roughly 15 NGOs will be invited and who will be presented with cheques for their organization, a tradition going back 60 years in SXI and is unique among our Brothers’ Schools and a result of the Chinese New Year Charity Drive.

The highlight of the evening will be a thanksgiving mass followed by the official unveiling ceremony of the projects: The School History project at the school entrance (SXI Penang heritage donated by the class of 1972).  Another similar school history project exhibited in the table tennis area of the school is to familiarize our students with our history, donated by the class of 1968 and 1973.  The middle corridor of the school will be tiled (tiles donated) and the 1st project to be unveiled will be a framed citation honoring the late Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyen who dedicated the St. Xavier’s Francis Xavier Statue and mural with four tablets containing exhortations of St. John Baptist de la Salle for teachers, how they should teach and behave in the presence of pupils.  The mural was dedicated to all Xavierians in the year 2000 AD. The Cardinal was an old boy of the brothers in Vietnam and imprisoned for 13 years by the Communist Regime.

The next unveiling will be at the wall facing the staffroom, a transfer of a fifty years old students’ mural from the third wall to the second corridor wall.  At one side of the mural will be the inscription “La Salle Mall”, on the other side “SXI extra-mural activities”, that is, activities which happen outside the school walls.

ImageThe third wall, facing the Science quadrangle will be entitled “The Lasallian Journey”; top centre piece – the insignia of the Brothers “The sign of faith”, below a portrait of St. John Baptist de la Salle teaching boys.  This will be surrounded by four tablets:

a) La Salle and the founding of the Brothers
b) The spread of the Brothers throughout the world
c) Penang and the spread of the Brothers in Malaysia and South-east Asia
d) The Way Forward

The estimated cost of the whole corridor projects has been in the region of  MYR 50,000 to MYR 60,000.  To date, the total number of donors for these projects has been not more than fifteen, with the total donated standing at MYR 19, 179.95.  This means we are still MYR 30,000 to MYR 40,000 short of the target.

This is the last of such projects to identify our school.  This is my last personal appeal. 

All donations, regardless of the amount, will be highly appreciated and will be accepted, payable to:SXI Mission Fund.

Thank you.
Brother Charles .... Unquote

The clarion call has sounded. We appeal to all Old Boys of the Brothers' schools, Xaverians in particular to dig deep into their pockets to help. Details of how contributions can be made are outlined at the end of the page. 

The Way Forward

According to Bro Charles, the Lasalle Brothers continue their mission in education through the traditional secondary and primary schools, where relevant and possible.  Boards of Governors, Managers and PTAs concern themselves in the needs of the schools, as well as the preservation of the Lasallian ethos.  The Lasallian Brothers organize Lasallian Conferences for the heads of their educational institutes, and national and international Lasallian animation courses for teachers in their educational establishments.  They organize Lasallian Leadership Retreats and Camps for youths from their establishments.  They promote Lasallian spirituality movements, and organize programmes for children with special needs.  They involve their students in awareness programmes in respect of the poor in their communities.  They are responsible for the formation of Lasallian partners and formators. They establish Lasallian websites for information and educational purposes. And the journey goes on.

Alumni, friends and associates who wish to respond to Bro. Charles' appeal may send their cheques (to be made payable to St Xavier’s Institution (Mission Account) and mail them to : 

St. Xavier’s Institution,
Lebuh Farquhar,

Alternatively, you can TT or wire your contributions to: 
St  Xavier’s Institution (Mission Account)
Standard Chartered Bank,
Beach Street,

Account N.o:  407112556963




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