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Bro. Charles Levin
Totally retired from teaching, he takes it upon himself to beautify the school. Go up to him and you will hear him talk with excited enthusiasm about his landscaping projects; and if he is not rushed for time, you are sure to be taken on a guided tour of the Palm Court, Bougainvilla Avenue etc …the results of his creative talent. That’s Bro. Charles Levin, affectionately known to the older students of my time as “Charlie Boy”.
The Palm Court, SXI, Penang

During his teaching days, he made a deep impression on all whose lives he touched and they remember him fondly.   They will always have time for him. A good recent example is the Xaverian iClub Directory 2003 compiled by Ho Chin Beng which is dedicated to him. Brother Charles is the longest serving principal of St. Xavier’s from 1966 to 1979 having taught at the school since 1954. He also had a tour of duty at St. George’s Taiping from 1982 to 1992. An accomplished pianist; a linguist speaking fluent Bahasa Malaysia, English, German, French and Mandarin; a mathematician, a teacher and an administrator all rolled into one …… that’s Brother Charles, you see …. (just to borrow his famous signature phrase each time he speaks).
I have fond memories of him too. He taught me Additional Maths in Forms 4 and 5. Then again, he was my Form Teacher in Lower 6 Science … and NOW,  my mentor and friend. Apart from his ‘You see’ signature phrase, I like the way he blew at the tip of the chalk each time after writing on the blackboard … as if to make doubly sure that his explanations get across to us.
God bless the good Brother and may he enjoy good health as he continues his assignment as the Director of the Penang Brothers’ Community.

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