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What does it mean to belong to La Salle? Print E-mail
(article written by Jaime Tena Llorach, Lasallian alumnus from Spain)

Belonging to La Salle means to develop the Lasallian Charisma within our Association and in our lives. The strange word of Charisma refers to our identity and to our peculiar mission in the Church and in the world. In the concrete case of our former students Association we mainly refer to:

1. Promote the integral development (cultural, spiritual, physical, etc.) of the members. 
2. Promote the charities of the Institution of Brothers of Christian Schools and collaborate with them in their different forms.
3. Stimulate the development of commitments aiming at obtaining the common well-being of society, especially those commitments which refer to the dignity of mankind, with a special attention to children and adolescents, to justice and peace.
The last point refers to the personal commitment of each Lasallian with the poor and those in need around them, either belonging to their parish church or to any other social organisation.

A Lasallian cannot remain indifferent to poverty and inequality in the world and especially not to those who are living next to us.
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